Peninsula Sports Club Mission Statement:



1. To provide the Peninsula with an organization for the purpose of providing forums for discussion of athletics, athletic contest, and sports programs;
2. To provide scholarships for local high school student athletes;
3. To provide an annual awards night to honor Peninsula athletes;
4. To provide programs and events for the advancement of Peninsula Athletics.

Current Board Members

          NAME                         lAST NAME                     POSITION              

Sonny Seay President
Joe  Dusewicz 1st Vice President
Michael Allen 2nd Vice President
Carol Preston Secretary
Bobby Hilling Treasurer
Horace Underwood  Sergeant at Arms
Bill   Badgett Director
Bob Brown Director
Sam Mayo Director
Boo Williams Director
David Thomas Director
Patrick Hunt Director
Bud Porter Director
Belinda Langston Director
Kyle McMullin Director
Ray Smith Director
Willie Brown Director
Jeff  Johnson, Jr Director
Marshall Bagley Director
Kristie Croft Director


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